Patrick Bergel ‏@goodmachine  
This unit still reeling & beaming from the awesomeness that was @musictechfest #MTFScandi

Mark Towers ‏@markmsb  
@MusicTechFest thanks for an incredible weekend, always meet such amazing people & projects #MTFScandi

Finn Juniper Denaro ‏@finnjuniper
Making our very own drum machine! #cork&lasers #MTFScandi #ilovemusictechfestscandinavia

Sydney Levinson ‏@barryslounge  
Happy Memories from #MTFScandi @scrimshire doing a #BarrysLounge hack on his #Guitar Case … #FlySafe !

MTF_CENTRAL ‏@ImmersiveAlbum retweeted barney: #MTFScandi - yes, it was. Like the best school trip ever, but with a bar and some of one’s idols. Yes, another time.

Jon Eades ‏@Jon_Eades  
Truly moved by Matan’s presentation on his DisCoTech project at @MusicTechFest. Please, please check out  #MTFScandi

Katariina Nyberg ‏@katsi111
Just signed the #musictechifesto  #fb #mtfscandi

Alexander Mooij ‏@alexandermooij
I met the awesome people at @SoundationST this weekend! Check out their awesome web based DAW (music making software)! #MTFScandi


Kitmonsters ‏@kitmonsters
Amazing techno tap and more from @elfkay - with looping, wearable  controllers, LEDs. #MTFScandi

Chris Quites ‏@Psicoff
On now @MusicTechFest #MTFScandi @drkatestone #PrintedTouch #KickStarter #NoteBook #NotePaper

Jan Bidner ‏@janbidner
For a few days the super creative world of tech, music and innovation spilled its magic over Umeå. Please repeat next year #MTFScandi !!!

Finn Juniper Denaro ‏@finnjuniper
The biggest music controller in the world can take a hit! #MTFScandi #singlikeaviking @ Umeå…

Joshua Saunders ‏@undisco
This LED music cube (for changing audio parameters) was pretty strong at the #MTFScandi hack day.


Anne Dvinge ‏@jazzdane
In geek heaven at #MTFScandi

Katariina Nyberg ‏@katsi111
The Electro-Acoustic coffee maker by James Brewster #mtfscandi Sounds and tastes great.

Ian Shepherd ‏@ianshepherd
So @MusicTechFest #MTFScandi is streaming live now - Emmanuel Flety & @fredbevi onstage now w/ @ismm_ircam from IRCAM

Bare Conductive ‏@BareConductive
Who’s going to #MTFScandi this weekend? Exciting project with the #TouchBoard will be presented, so watch out for our friend @Human_Inst!

Thomas Flynn ‏@nebulousflynn
We’ve arrived in Umeå for @MusicTechFest - 100% amazing place so far - even the food is happy! #MTFScandi



Marta Arniani ‏@CosaccoKarl
Good vibrations on #mtfscandi outdoor stage with @barryslounge

Kira Grunenberg ‏@shadowmelody1
I’m digging this talk on the visual elements of music. Alexander Schindler (@slychief) exploring music discovery via visual data. #MTFScandi

openPLAYmusic ‏@openPLAYmusic
onstage now @MusicTechFest Katariina Nyberg @katsi111 talking @exclamfinland - connecting #Gamers & #Musicians is the way forward #MTFScandi

Laura Kriefman ‏@elfkay
Oh my: prolific and awesome and playful. The wonderful work of @hakanlidbo #mtfscandi