FRI 4pm: The Science of Music

Cutting-edge experiments that push beyond the boundaries of music.
FRI 6pm: The Music of Science
Bacteria, quasars and mathematics combine to create new kinds of sound.
FRI 8pm: Strange Dreams
Collapsing the barriers between the real world and subconscious mind.

SAT 2pm: The Creator’s Laboratory
Ingenious minds tinkering in basements with found objects and recycled tech.
SAT 4pm: Performance Cyborgs
Musical cybernetics: turning the human body into a musical instrument.
SAT 6pm: Technology Mutants
Adapting and mutating ourselves in response to altered musical states.
SAT 8pm: GUNK: Geek Punk
Geek punks, electro legends and music hackers tear up the stage.

SUN 2pm: #MTFLaunchpad
Opening music up to new talent from all ages and backgrounds.
SUN 4pm: #MusicBricks
A first ever look at music tech prototypes made with exclusive new tools.
SUN 6pm: #MTFHacks
Hacking light, sound, art and performance in just 24 hours.
SUN 8pm: #MTFSessions
A music tech jam: world famous musicians meet emerging local artists.

Check out the #MTFCentral presenters and artists




Patrick Bergel ‏@goodmachine  
This unit still reeling & beaming from the awesomeness that was @musictechfest #MTFScandi

Mark Towers ‏@markmsb  
@MusicTechFest thanks for an incredible weekend, always meet such amazing people & projects #MTFScandi

Finn Juniper Denaro ‏@finnjuniper
Making our very own drum machine! #cork&lasers #MTFScandi #ilovemusictechfestscandinavia

Sydney Levinson ‏@barryslounge  
Happy Memories from #MTFScandi @scrimshire doing a #BarrysLounge hack on his #Guitar Case … #FlySafe !

MTF_CENTRAL ‏@ImmersiveAlbum retweeted barney: #MTFScandi - yes, it was. Like the best school trip ever, but with a bar and some of one’s idols. Yes, another time.

Jon Eades ‏@Jon_Eades  
Truly moved by Matan’s presentation on his DisCoTech project at @MusicTechFest. Please, please check out  #MTFScandi

Katariina Nyberg ‏@katsi111
Just signed the #musictechifesto  #fb #mtfscandi

Alexander Mooij ‏@alexandermooij
I met the awesome people at @SoundationST this weekend! Check out their awesome web based DAW (music making software)! #MTFScandi




Kitmonsters ‏@kitmonsters
Amazing techno tap and more from @elfkay - with looping, wearable  controllers, LEDs. #MTFScandi

Chris Quites ‏@Psicoff
On now @MusicTechFest #MTFScandi @drkatestone #PrintedTouch #KickStarter #NoteBook #NotePaper

Jan Bidner ‏@janbidner
For a few days the super creative world of tech, music and innovation spilled its magic over Umeå. Please repeat next year #MTFScandi !!!

Finn Juniper Denaro ‏@finnjuniper
The biggest music controller in the world can take a hit! #MTFScandi #singlikeaviking @ Umeå…

Joshua Saunders ‏@undisco
This LED music cube (for changing audio parameters) was pretty strong at the #MTFScandi hack day.





Anne Dvinge ‏@jazzdane
In geek heaven at #MTFScandi

Katariina Nyberg ‏@katsi111
The Electro-Acoustic coffee maker by James Brewster #mtfscandi Sounds and tastes great.

Ian Shepherd ‏@ianshepherd
So @MusicTechFest #MTFScandi is streaming live now - Emmanuel Flety & @fredbevi onstage now w/ @ismm_ircam from IRCAM

Bare Conductive ‏@BareConductive
Who’s going to #MTFScandi this weekend? Exciting project with the #TouchBoard will be presented, so watch out for our friend @Human_Inst!

Thomas Flynn ‏@nebulousflynn
We’ve arrived in Umeå for @MusicTechFest - 100% amazing place so far - even the food is happy! #MTFScandi


Here are some of the heroes who have helped us build this ecosystem over the past 4 years:

Jason Singh, Adam John Williams, Matt Black-Coldcut, Eska, Graham Massey, Emika, Nitin Sawhney, Reeps One, Viktoria Modesta, Martyn Ware, Laura Kriefman, Ezra, Grace Savage, Shlomo, Synthestruct, Crewdson, LJ Rich, Jamie Cullum, Scanner, Tim Exile, Mørk, Ross Flight, Leafcutter John

Ninja Tune, Warp, Soundcloud, RJDJ, The Echo Nest, Spotify,, Shazam, Mixcloud, MusicBrainz, Musimap, B3 Media, Drake Music

Reactable, Alphasphere, Ableton, Native, ROLI, Izotope, FXpansion, Teenage Engineering, Toontrack, Serato, Soundation, Bare Conductive, Jays, Dizzy Jam, Grain Audio, Ultrasonic

element14, RS Components, Makey Makey, London Music Hackspace, Music Tech Meetup, Monthly Music Hackathon, Innovation Warehouse

The BBC, Abbey Road, Warner Music, EMI, RCA Records, London Symphony Orchestra, Barbican, WIRED, MTV, Stephen Fry/Penguin, Realta Films, Rebel Uncut, Riff Raff Films

Sonos, Volvo, Philips, Microsoft Research, Cisco, Swedbank, Red Bull

EU Commission, DMIC, British Council, Slovenian Ministry of Culture, Cankarjev Dom, MSUM, Umeå Kommun, Region Västerbotten, Uminova,, Guitars Museum, NZ Music Commission, Sounds Aotearoa, Sound and Music, Redstar Union, Factory Berlin

MTG, IRCAM, C4DM, Fraunhofer, BCU, MIT Media Lab, Harvard Music Minds, Berklee College of Music, McGill, Goldsmiths, Umeå University, Royal College of Art

...and an ever growing list of music tech startups with great ideas on how to reinvent this space.

The Music Tech Fest evolved from the ROADMAP FOR THE FUTURE OF MUSIC TECH.

The Music Tech Fest soundtrack is growing courtesy of those great guys at Soundcloud.

Every network should have a soundtrack.