Microsoft NERD Labs, 21-23 March 2014

    We were at Microsoft NERD Labs, for a special Music Tech Fest which gathered great creative, researdch and innovation minds from New England’s hub of music technology. We were joined by the guys from Berklee, MIT, Harvard, McGill, Northwestern, Rutgers, Boston Uni, iZotope, The Echo Nest, and a bunch of exciting startups.

     Nancy Baym and Jonathan Sterne gathered a bunch of inspiring thinkers from a cross-section of research disciplines, and launched the Manifesto for Music Technologists in view of influencing the future of research, society and policy. Hundreds of signatures later, the numbers of supporters keep growing.



    11:00am  MTF Special: Posterity hacking – Developers, APIs and the music archive
    A live linkup to the British Library Sound Archive’s ‘Keeping Tracks’

    12:00pm  The Ministry of Measurement, Adam John Williams, Paul Lamere (The Echo Nest), Redstar Union

    1:00pm  Xiao Xiao (MIT), AudioCommon, Jonathan Sterne (McGill), Noteflight

    2:00pm  MusicBiz.org, Bryan Pardo, iZotope Iris demo

    3:00pm  Panos Panay & Ken Zolot (Berklee Creative Entrepreneurship), Pandemic.fm

    4:00pm  Jonathan Marmor (The Echo Nest), MaxD

    5:00pm  RecordME, Eric Rosenbaum (MelodyMorph)

    6:00pm  Peter Torpey (MIT), Wax Limited, Sonos

    7:00pm  MTF Special: David Blutenthal of Boston Music Tech Meetup Group hosts the Music Tech Fest UnConference.
    Join the Impromptu, Unstructured Conversation Sessions. Go explore!


    12:00pm  Nancy Baym (Microsoft Research), LJ Rich (BBC Click)

    1:00pm  Hard Hittin Ent, OpenAura, Chrysalis Guitar

    2:00pm  MaKey MaKey , Tutti Player, Trill

    3:00pm  Soundslice, Hack for Music Therapy, Mmmmaven

    4:00pm  Sofar Sounds, LiquidScore, Sonation

    5:00pm  Norbert Schnell (IRCAM), Music Minds at Harvard

    6:00pm  Together Festival, Moduloktopus, CRaTER Live

    7:00pm  Mashed Up and The Piracy Crusade, Moodsnap, iZotope BreakTweaker

    8:00pm  Roundware, Joshua Fineberg (Boston Uni) tech-ing the Arditti Quartet



    12:00pm  David France presents The Revolution of Hope, Thicket, Anthony de Ritis

    1:00pm  CataRT: real-time MIR, Tonic, Grouptones

    2:00pm  Wayne Marshall (The Echo Nest), Bundio, Abjad Notation Library

    3:00pm  Presentation and performance of the hacks from the Music Tech Fest Hackathon
    Followed by Hacker prize giving

    7:00pm  MTF Special: Arditti Quartet concert at ICA Boston thanks to Boston University

    We are a community with a festival, not a festival with a community. For more content from everyone involved, go to our tube channel, our blog, our little birdie, F**B, the square photo, the two dots, and Blink Tin.



    Here are some of the heroes who have helped us build this ecosystem over the past 5 years:

    Jason Singh, Adam John Williams, Matt Black-Coldcut, Eska, Graham Massey, Emika, Nitin Sawhney, Reeps One, Viktoria Modesta, Martyn Ware, Laura Kriefman, Ezra, Grace Savage, Shlomo, Synthestruct, Crewdson, LJ Rich, Jamie Cullum, Scanner, Tim Exile, Mørk, Ross Flight, Leafcutter John

    Ninja Tune, Warp, Soundcloud, RJDJ, The Echo Nest, Spotify, Last.fm, Shazam, Mixcloud, MusicBrainz, Musimap, B3 Media, Drake Music

    Reactable, Alphasphere, Ableton, Native, ROLI, Izotope, FXpansion, Teenage Engineering, Toontrack, Serato, Soundation, Bare Conductive, Jays, Dizzy Jam, Grain Audio, Ultrasonic

    element14, RS Components, Makey Makey, London Music Hackspace, Music Tech Meetup, Monthly Music Hackathon, Innovation Warehouse

    The BBC, Abbey Road, Warner Music, EMI, RCA Records, London Symphony Orchestra, Barbican, WIRED, MTV, Stephen Fry/Penguin, Realta Films, Rebel Uncut, Riff Raff Films

    Sonos, Volvo, Philips, Microsoft Research, Cisco, Swedbank, Red Bull

    EU Commission, British Council, Slovenian Ministry of Culture, Cankarjev Dom, MSUM, Umeå Kommun, Region Västerbotten, Uminova, Ume.net, Guitars Museum, NZ Music Commission, Sounds Aotearoa, Sound and Music, Redstar Union, Factory Berlin

    MTG, IRCAM, C4DM, Fraunhofer, BCU, MIT Media Lab, Harvard Music Minds, Berklee College of Music, McGill, Goldsmiths, Umeå University, Royal College of Art

    ...and an ever growing list of music tech startups with great ideas on how to reinvent this space.

    The Music Tech Fest evolved from the ROADMAP FOR THE FUTURE OF MUSIC TECH.

    The Music Tech Fest soundtrack is growing courtesy of those great guys at Soundcloud.

    Every network should have a soundtrack.