#MTFSparks: Genova



Music Tech Fest went to Genova, Italy as part of the 13th edition of the Orientamenti fair from the 14-16 of November 2016. The Orientamenti fair celebrates and shapes the future of learning, bringing together Europe’s top innovators in technology with teachers and the next generation of learners.


“Working with the MTF Team for the first time in Italy has been an exciting experience, even for those of us who have dealt with European partnership projects for young people for many years.

“It was immediately clear that MTF is the ideal European model to explain to young people what it means to create connections between different disciplines, especially music, digital innovation, creativity and technology.

“The Italian students took to the #MTFLabs experience with great enthusiasm and became completely immersed in the shared activity. In their subsequent comments on social media, students from the music high schools of the Region called it “fantastic” and “unforgettable”, and expressed wishes to continue the experience in a future instalment.

“Creativity and innovation in music are a key feature of the place that gave birth to Fabrizio De André and Luciano Berio, and the MTF Italian adventure here in Genoa follows in the wake of that important musical tradition.

Thanks to Michela Magas and the whole MTF crew for accepting the invitation to the Salone dell’Orientamento 2016 in Genoa and to have given life to all this.”

Stefania Bertini
Expert for European projects for young people




At Orientamenti we ran an #MTFSparks workshop for teen hackers - creating new musical instruments with Arduino / Genuino microboards, electronics, coding and conductive jelly.

#MTFSparks gives young inventors new opportunities to design and create their own musical instruments and to explore coding, sound and physics in creative ways.





The MTF crew included musical inventor and hacker Tom Fox, multimedia artist Andrea Santini, technologist Stefano Piermatteo, digital entrepreneur Matthias Strobel, sound designer Andrea Cerrato and #MTFSparks inventor alumnus Alexander Allen.




For more about #MTFSparks, check out these short videos.

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