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#MusicBricks incubated team gets European funding

I expect you know someone who has some programming skills. Perhaps someone with a bit of experience with EEG brain-computer interfaces. I imagine that person would probably enjoy going to live for a while in Portugal and enjoy some neurotechnology work in the beautiful, sunny city of Porto with some brilliant members of the Music Tech Fest family.

SoundCloud teams up with #MusicBricks

#MusicBricks is exactly the sort of open and collaborative music creation SoundCloud is about. It opens up new options for makers and musicians to be creative and we’re excited to support it and see what amazing creations are born.

Michela Magas: Innovation Luminary

In a gala award ceremony in Amsterdam, festival founder Michela Magas was presented with one of the highest awards for Innovation in Europe.

Ben Heck Show and #MusicBricks

In this week’s episode of The Ben Heck Show,Ben and the team interviewed, judged – and, in some cases, even joined #MusicBricks teams.

#MTFBerlin: Announcing…

Ben Heck, host of popular YouTube channel The Ben Heck Show joins us with his crew at #MTFBerlin to hack, invent, share a bit of maker knowledge and film a special episode of the show surrounded by our 50 hackers in the element14 Hack Camp.

#MTFBerlin: Announcing…

Mercury Prize nominee ESKA will not only appear on the main stage at #MTFBerlin… her plan is to form collaborations, invent new types of musical instruments and experiment in the giant creative laboratory that is Music Tech Fest.

Meet Terry – our new Producer

We’re incredibly proud and phenomenally lucky to be able to officially welcome Terry to the MusicTechFest family. She’s not just a new member of the team – she represents bold new ambitions, exciting new directions and an expanding network of artists and music technology to bring into the MTF community.

#MTFBerlin at Funkhaus: 27-29 May 2016

Berlin is Europe’s capital of music tech – and MusicTechFest will once again bring the entire music technology ecosystem together under one roof: artists and scientists; academia and industry; makers, inventors, performers, composers and visionaries.

The #MusicBricks toolkit so far has completely exceeded our expectations…

By now, you’ll have heard about the #MusicBricks toolkit that puts groundbreaking music technology in the hands of musicians, hackers and creative developers, and supports the most promising ideas to commercial prototype. We’re going to be showcasing the successes from that project at our next big event: #MTFBerlin in May 2016.

Yes, but what exactly ARE #MusicBricks?

We received an email from a singer-songwriter in Hawaii, asking exactly what the #MusicBricks “toolkit” is. How does it relate to performing or writing music? What exactly are the tools? Are they digital instruments of some kind? How can academic research contribute to excellent songwriting? All fair questions.

The #MTFScandi documentary

At #MTFScandi in Umeå back in May, the brilliant Fanni Fazakas (aka Rumex) pointed her camera at pretty much everything else – and this wonderful short film is the result.

More #MusicBricks go open source at #MTFCentral

The success of the #MusicBricks project has been overwhelming. We’re going to be showcasing some of the most incredible projects that have emerged since it began, and you’ll get to see the ideas that have been supported and developed to commercial prototype at #MTFCentral this weekend.

#MusicBricks is a collaboration between Stromatolite, Sigma-Orionis, Ircam-Centre Pompidou, Music Technology Group, Vienna University of Technology, and Fraunhofer IDMT

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#MusicBricks has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 644871