Michela Magas - Prototyping Policy

by Music Tech Fest | MTF Podcast

Michela Magas is the founder and Creative Director of Music Tech Fest. She’s also the Chair of the Industry Commons Foundation and an innovation advisor to the European Commission and the G7 leaders.

In this episode of the MTF podcast, Michela unpacks the ways in which lessons from the grassroots innovation and prototyping in the MTF Labs and ICE Labs events find their way into policy at the highest levels - and how that policy then affects all of industry, culture and society.

Michela currently advises on the role of Culture and Creative Industries in the context of EU Industrial Policy. She has served on the CAF Advisory Board of the European Commission’s Horizon2020 programme 2014-2018, both at meta level regarding future directions for the programme, and more specifically as coordinator of the recommendations by the Innovation Working Group.

She has been board member of the EU Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group, which has transferred to the Industry Commons Foundation, with the mission to further Open Innovation strategy within industrial policy. She has been active member of the Innovators’ Strategic Advisory Board on People-Centred Innovation to G7 Leaders.

Website: michelamagas.com



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