Reeps One

Reeps One is an extraordinary vocal talent. More than a beatboxer and a singer, he is a pioneer of experimental vocalism who literally expands the known possibilities of what the human voice is capable of. He’s coming to #MTFBerlin to team up with technologists and create new concepts that do not just push at the barriers, but knock them down completely.

Harry Yeff AKA Reeps One’s work is the product of a highly intimate and lifelong relationship with the human voice. Since the age of 18 the London-born artist and musician has been experimenting with vocal practices and creative representation of physics and sound.

With over 40 million YouTube views of his incredible musical inventions, Reeps One is ready to push things even further by leading a 2-day laboratory with the finest minds in creative computing and making at #MTFBerlin.

#MTFLabs: Vocal Tech runs Thursday 26th and Friday 27th of May at Funkhaus. There are 12 places. Exceptional coders and developers are invited to experiment with Reeps One and other guest vocal talents to explore the possibilities of sonic and visual aesthetic responses to the myriad sounds that the human voice can create.

Projects developed in the Lab will be performed and showcased on the main festival stage at #MTFBerlin, and Yeff is keen to partner with participants to develop the concepts beyond the laboratory as performance platforms, commercial prototypes, large scale art works or academic research projects. Participants will also receive free tickets to the weekend festival and research symposium on Monday 30th.

The scale of ambition here is large and builds on some incredible prior and current Reeps One projects.

Yeff is the leading subject in the study of expert behaviour by Professor Sophie Scott of UCL’s neurological department - the first neurological investigation of its kind to utilise the voice as a medium. He has continued to marry academic study with music and performance, harnessing cymatics to fluently translate the morphology of vibrations in real time, and for the first time, reconstitute the medium as a visual instrument for the deaf.

Last year he conceived the hugely successful Polyphonic Playground, a large-scale playground structure comprising electric paint circuitry and instrumental trigger pads. Yeff’s augmentation of this classic, climbable structure renders an unorthodox tool which challenges predetermined patterns of musical composition.

Exhibiting work across multidisciplinary events like Miami Art Basel, and London, Milan and Tokyo Design weeks, Reeps One is a polyglot of audio and visual communication who has redefined the role of phonetics as a means to truly bridge artistic, musical and scientific communities. He is invited to join Harvard University as artist in residence at in October this year.

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The video below came out of a collaboration that started at #MTFScandi in May 2015. Ginger Leigh AKA Synthestruct won the Music Tech Fest online Cymatics Hack Challenge (co-judged by Reeps One) and was brought to Sweden from Florida to participate in the festival and hack camp. At #MTFScandi she began to work with Yeff and this video is the first of those results.

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More to see and do at Music Tech Fest

May 27-30 at Funkhaus Berlin

#MTFSparks: teenage music hackers

At #MTFBerlin with the help of leading UK educational expert Siobhan Ramsey, Tom Flynn and Daniel Lopez of Sandbox Education, in collaboration with creative education expert Alexandra Antonopoulou, the #MTFSparks built, tested and performed with their new inventions on the main stage at the festival.

It’s Time to Talk About the Voice

This spring, an extraordinary gathering of creative coders, visual artists and vocal experts assembled at #MTFBerlin, forming the first cross-disciplinary #MTFLabs: Vocal Tech.

Adventures in Accessible Music Tech

One of the things that’s most important to us at Music Tech Fest is the idea that music is for everyone. Not just to listen to, but to make. Removing barriers to participation is one of the great applications of music technologies.

Michela Magas: Innovation Luminary

In a gala award ceremony in Amsterdam, festival founder Michela Magas was presented with one of the highest awards for Innovation in Europe.

#MTFBerlin: Announcing…

People walked on the moon and they’re cloning sheep – so why can’t I dance while drumming?” LIZZY is a humanised drumkit – and she’s coming to perform at #MTFBerlin.

#MTFBerlin: Announcing…

What would it be like to climb inside a working musical instrument? What happens when you combine pigs, sheep, and TNT with modular synthesizers? Find out in the Blam for Minecraft demo at #MTFBerlin.

#MTFBerlin: Announcing…

Matt Black is half of legendary DJ duo and multimedia pop group Coldcut, formed in 1987, and founders of Ninja Tune, the UK record label. He joins us at #MTFBerlin to perform the world premiere of his new audiovisual composition, ‘Ich Bin’.

A Music Tech Fest world premiere

Join us for a Music Tech Fest exclusive: the premiere of Emika’s Symphony No. 1 in a live mix and intimate discussion about her creative process at the incredible Funkhaus Berlin. The event is free to #MTFBerlin weekend ticketholders.

#MTFBerlin: Announcing…

In January 2015 disabled musician John Kelly presented Drake Music with a blueprint for an electric guitar that would be accessible to him. At #MTFBerlin, Gawain Hewitt of Drake Music joins us to showcase this groundbreaking prototype.

#MTFLates: Introducing…

Graham Massey is a legend of electronic music. A multi-instrumentalist, producer, DJ and broadcaster, he came to prominence with his seminal electronic act 808 State – and he’s performing an exclusive solo set in the private after-hours club night on Saturday at #MTFBerlin, in a hidden chamber of the Funkhaus.

#MTFLates: Announcing…

Sarah Farina is one of Berlin’s most revered DJs – and we’re thrilled to announce that she’s joining us at #MTFBerlin as the first of our guest performers at #MTFLates – the private club night happening after the festival on Saturday night in a hidden chamber of the Funkhaus. Sarah’s internationally-acclaimed bass-heavy and futuristic sets are inventive, inclusive, positive, thoughtful, and tight as a drum.

#MTFBerlin: Announcing…

Ben Heck, host of popular YouTube channel The Ben Heck Show joins us with his crew at #MTFBerlin to hack, invent, share a bit of maker knowledge and film a special episode of the show surrounded by our 50 hackers in the element14 Hack Camp.

#MTFBerlin: Announcing…

Ian Wallman is a world-class record producer and remixer with a string of awards, a UK top 10 hit and collaborations with major artists under his belt. He joins us at #MTFBerlin to lead and coach a group of emerging Berlin dance producers in the Trackathon.

#MTFBerlin: Announcing…

Three-time British beatboxing champion, singer, songwriter, actor, looping artist extraordinaire and one of Elle magazine’s top 100 inspiring women in the world, Grace Savage is coming to #MTFBerlin at Funkhaus, 27-30 May.

#MTFBerlin: Announcing…

Graham Dunning is a sound artist and experimental musician who works with found objects. His ‘Mechanical Techno’ consists of multiple treated records spinning on a single turntable, impacting physical objects, triggering analogue synths, striking percussion and mechanically triggering drum machines.

#MTFBerlin: Announcing…

Ricardo O’Nascimento is a designer and founder of POPKALAB in Rotterdam – a design research studio with a focus on innovation in the field of wearable technology.

#MTFBerlin: Announcing…

Jan Bang is one of Norway’s most accomplished and influential producers. The often hushed and spacious sound he crafts is utterly beautiful and breathtaking – creating a sublime and reverential atmosphere. Listening to Jan Bang can be like walking into a cathedral at midnight.

#MTFBerlin: Announcing…

Award winning jewellery artist Zoe Robertson blends the world of contemporary jewellery art with music, sound, dance and movement. She’s coming to #MTFBerlin to explore interactive performance and ‘Music as Extension of the Human Body’.

#MTFBerlin: Announcing…

Mercury Prize nominee ESKA will not only appear on the main stage at #MTFBerlin… her plan is to form collaborations, invent new types of musical instruments and experiment in the giant creative laboratory that is Music Tech Fest.

#MTFBerlin: Announcing…

Best known for the Marble Machine invention that went viral and received over 17 million views (and rising), Martin is a Swedish instrument maker, inventor and musician with the band Wintergatan.

#MTFBerlin: Announcing…

Ecce Cello bridges the gap between classical music and the technological world of everyday life in 2016. An incredible theatrical performance that places our daily media experiences into the realm of the sublime.