We’re releasing our first ever charity EP just in time for the holidays. Three fantastic tracks created by members of the global MTF community - to raise money for mental health research.

At #MTFScandi earlier this year, we ran a ‘Trackathon’ - like a hackathon, but for music producers. We gave them 24 hours, the Toontrack EZdrummer 2 software and a bunch of musical sounds contributed by top musicians and artists from around the world - and they got to work. Part of the prize was inclusion in this release.

Music Tech Fest’s LA coordinator Rania Kim (aka Portrait) assembled a judging panel that featured Synkio cofounder (and Richard Branson’s former Creative Director) Vince Lynch, Phonat from Skrillex’s label OWSLA, and Leona Lewis co-writer and producer Pascal Guyon. Between them, they selected their top three entries - and then worked with them to help complete the songs created.

More than just a fun way to create new music and put some phenomenally creative musicians and producers to the test, the #MTFTrackathon also served the purpose of highlighting a very serious issue.

Depression is incredibly common amongst bedroom producers, electronic musicians and DJs. It can be a very isolating endeavour - and so the aim of this project is to raise awareness, encourage collaboration, create new opportunities - and to contribute to the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care, an international community foundation that works with researchers, health professionals and those affected by depression to improve mental healthcare and recovery.

The Trackathon winners come from Boston, London and Tel Aviv, and their responses to the challenge are diverse and unique. Have a listen and pick up your copy at Bandcamp, for just $3 - or more if you’re feeling particularly charitable.

In true festive spirit, all proceeds from the sale of the #MTFScandi Trackathon EP will go directly to charity and your support will help research and recovery-focused programs for depression and mental illness.

Have a fantastic break - and we’ll see you in the new year with some very exciting news about #MTFBerlin…